What is your jewellery made out of?

All KhumaraCo. jewellery is based with solid sterling silver and usually is plated with either 18k Rose Gold, 18k Gold or Rhodium (White Gold).

All stones are specified in our product descriptions. They are mostly high grade Cubic Zirconia or Swarovski Crystal. 


Are your earrings safe for children to wear?

Yes, absolutely. All of our jewellery is 100% nickel free. Most people have an allergy to nickel and it is commonly found in cheap jewellery. Nickel is the most common cause for infections in kids and causes relatively immediate discomfort. By wearing KhumaraCo. earrings you are making a safer choice for your children and can rest easy knowing their health is being put first.


Is your jewellery safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. Please read our answer to the question above. 


Will your jewellery tarnish or lose its colour?

With correct care, KhumaraCo. jewellery will not tarnish or fade in colour. Our jewellery is of the best quality and has long lasting brilliance.


Where is KhumaraCo. based?

KhumaraCo. is owned by Australians and is operated entirely within Australia. All of our jewellery is shipped out from Sydney, Australia.


How should I care for my newly purchased KhumaraCo. jewellery?

Our jewellery can be worn whilst doing most everyday activities including swimming. Although, it is recommended to avoid wearing it whilst swimming in salt or chlorinated water or when using strong domestic cleaning products. This will ensure the longest lasting shine and brilliance.


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Please see our Shipping Policy page for shipping times.


How do I know my jewellery is Authentic?

Every piece of KhumaraCo. jewellery is stamped with a code referencing the precious metal it is made of (for example, "925" for sterling silver) and either has "KHUMARACO" or "K.CO" engraved in a discrete place.


Do you have any options for gifts?

We do! If you include in the note when you make an order, a message that you would like to be hand written on a card and addressed to the person you are sending it to we will do that for you free of charge and send it off to the address with discretion and no invoice detailing what you paid.